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Single phase | Solid core | Configurable | Current Transducer

Manufacturer: DataNab, Part Number: CT_AC1PH_SLD_5V
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Our single phase AC Current Transducer can be used to sense AC currents from 0 to 50A.

There are 3 jumper configurable ranges supported by the sensor:
  • 0-10A
  • 0-20A
  • 0-50A
The sensor outputs a 0-5V signal that is equivalent to the configured range. This sensor is perfect for monitoring the status of equipment and for approximating the amount of power being consumed by the measured circuit.

When used with our Ai32: 32Ch Modbus Input Module, up to 32 of the sensors can be accessed via Modbus-RTU for low cost integration with a PLC System or any other Modbus Enabled Devices.

Technical Notes

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  • Model: CT_AC1PH_SLD_5V
  • Shipping Weight: 0.55lbs
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